Enhance your debating skills with Larry Woods, renowned attorney and debate coach.

Larry Woods advises, prepares and trains leaders and executives for television appearances and interviews. Larry coached Vice President Al Gore in his 1992 Vice Presidential television debates and coached Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen in his television debates in 2002. Bredesen’s campaign manager stated that Larry Woods' coaching was the turning point in the campaign. Larry has managed successful political campaigns for Governor, U. S. Senate and Congress in Tennessee. Larry served as a senior strategist for the Bredesen Transition Team and as chair of Governor Bredesen’s TennCare committee. He frequently appears on radio and television as a spokesperson for progressive and liberal causes. Larry Woods is widely known as a “Yellow Dog Democrat.”

Larry won many national awards in college and high school debate and as a result he is the chair of the Pelham Memorial Foundation, the national organization providing grants to encourage participation of young women and minorities in high school debate. He is committed to helping young people with debate and is the current coach for Overton High School debate team in Nashville, Tennessee. He also coached four high school debate teams to the National Forensics League National Tournament (eight students, six of whom were young women or minorities) and had more than 100 students in the program and is proud to announce that a majority were young women and minorities.

In his real life, Woods is a senior partner at Woods & Woods Law firm and is a professor teaching pre-law courses and graduate classes at Tennessee State University. He was voted the Tennessee State University Teacher of the Year, 1997-1998. He was also voted Best Lawyer in Nashville in the Nashville Scene poll (1993). He has received numerous other honors including Outstanding Defense Lawyer Award from Federal Public Defender’s Office, 1998; Special Award of Merit, National Association of Defense Lawyers, 1978; past president, Federal Bar Association of Nashville and Middle Tennessee; delegate, Tennessee Bar Association House of Delegates 1976-1982; Board of Editors, The Federal Lawyer, 1995-1996; editorial consultant, West Publishing Company; regional counsel, N.A.A.C.P.; general counsel, Tennessee State Employees Association; general counsel, National Baptist Publishing Board; Chair, and Tennessee Legal Services Advisory Commission, 1976-1984. He is the author of seven books and more than 50 law articles on trial practice, civil rights, constitutional law and sex harassment cases. Larry Woods is a frequent speaker at national conventions concerning sex harassment laws and civil rights cases.

Larry Woods is a lover of books. His obsession with books began as a boy when his mother took him on his first visit to the downtown Nashville Library. He discovered books enabled him to travel anywhere through time and he was hooked. He began his serious collection first with Edgar Rice Burroughs and his Tarzan series and then moved on to collect all kinds of books. His personal collection now numbers more than 100,000 books, not including the books for sale at BookMan/BookWoman Used Books. When BookMan/BookWoman first opened, Larry's wife, Saralee, said the slogan of their store was “selling my husband's books.” Larry teaches classes about collecting books and identifying first editions, is a book reviewer for The Nashville City Paper, BookPage, Library Booknotes and The BookMan Syndicate.

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