BookManBookWoman hosts many events and author signings. Please read our guidelines before contacting us.

  1. If you have written a book, you are welcome to have author event.
  2. If we have an account with your publisher, we may be able to order your books for your event.
  3. If you have self-published your book or if we do not have an account with your publisher, you will need to bring your own copies of your book to sell.
  4. For your event to be a success, we ask you to follow these suggestions:
    1. Tell your 100 closest friends to add their email addresses to our website at so they will receive email announcements about your event.
    2. Tell your contacts in your social clubs, your book clubs, civic organizations, religious groups, neighborhood organizations, holiday greeting card lists and where you work to go to our website at and subscribe to receive announcements and invitations to your event.
    3. Forward our announcements to your own email list in an email blast announcing your event at BookManBookWoman.
    4. Post on your Facebook page or any other social media the date and time of your event at BookManBookWoman.
    5. Post a link to on your website.
    6. Email your biography to for our press release.
    7. Email a blurb about your book and your event for our press release to
    8. The more advance notice we have, the more time we have to plan, so contact us as far in advance as possible.
    9. Contact us for suggestions about evening or afternoon events.

Store Hours
Sunday-Monday 11 a.m.- 5 p.m. 
Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Closed some major holidays.

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